Affordable San Diego Internet Advertising on three quality San Diego Directories by The CyberSide & Co.

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Affordable Internet Advertising for San Diego Businesses

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Our San Diego
Business Directories:

San Diego BizMart

Our General Business Directory designed for all San Diego businesses, products, and services.

Super Home Center

Our Home Improvement Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to the home.

Gateway to Beauty

Beauty, Health, Fitness Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to this field.

Internet Advertising and Promotion for
San Diego Businesses


Quality San Diego Directories for San Diego Businesses

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What is The CyberSide & Company?

The CyberSide & Co. is an Internet Directory Company providing fully text-searchable, targeted directories in the San Diego area since 1998. Our directories consist of San Diego BizMart, a general San Diego business directory; Super Home Center, a home improvement directory; and Gateway to Beauty, our beauty, health, fitness directory.

We are a solid, family owned, family run organization, based in San Diego. Our goal is to provide low-cost Internet advertising that any San Diego business can afford. We care about the businesses we represent. Our desire is to see everyone succeed and will make every effort to help you achieve success!

Quality           Service          Affordability

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Why Choose The CyberSide & Company?

We have produced high quality, very popular business directories for San Diego. Incredibly, we also have very low advertising rates. 

We offer Enhanced Business listings (classified-style ads, linked to your Website) for as little as $50 per year, other text ads for $10 & $25 per year, and professional, effective Web pages as low as $25, $45, and $75+.

We Do It Better and We Do It For Less!sm

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Why Should You Advertise on the Internet?

Your competitors are there. 
You should be there, too!

  Join Us and Be There!

San Diego BizMart    Super Home Center    Gateway to Beauty
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Affordable Web Pages & Custom On-Line Brochures


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The CyberSide & Co.

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