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Our San Diego
Business Directories:

San Diego BizMart

Our General Business Directory designed for all San Diego businesses, products, and services.

Super Home Center

Our Home Improvement Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to the home.

Gateway to Beauty

Beauty, Health, Fitness Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to this field.

Internet Advertising and Promotion for
San Diego Businesses

Join Us : Affordable Advertising for San Diego Businesses

Quality San Diego Directories for San Diego Businesses

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Tired of being San Diego's Best Kept Secret?

Need the Biggest Bang for your Buck?

Or do you just like taking advantage
of a great advertising opportunity?

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Get the word out to thousands of people in San Diego at an extremely low cost and be included in the most powerful and largest advertising and marketing tool ever...

       The INTERNET!

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It is a fact that many businesses fail due to the lack of advertising.

We are offering you this low cost opportunity to advertise your San Diego business on the Internet by posting your product/service and important information on one or more of The CyberSide's fully text-searchable Directories at a price any business can afford.

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With backgrounds in marketing and graphic design, our Text Ads,  Ad Pages, Banners, and Tile Ads are professionally designed, yet truly affordable. We have packages to suit every advertising budget!


Billboard Example >>
(Top portion of the Billboard Ad Page)

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Custom Web Brochure

Our Ad Pages (the Billboard, Web Flyer, or Web Brochure) are generally all you need for an effective presence on the Internet. Potential clients or customers can go to your Ad Page and get the information they require--all about the services and/or products you have to offer. At the same time you are also advertising on our Directory, and getting the benefits of Targeted Advertising... all for the same low price.
We offer many sizes and options to choose from. Various marketing packages are also available. The Custom Web Brochure can be expanded to a 3-page website. See individual directories for prices & rates on all packages.

(Pictured upper left: Top portion of Custom Web Brochure)

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You say you already have a Web site?

Place an Enhanced Listing, with "keyword-rich" searchable text on one of our Business Directories with your Ad linked to your Web site. When your Ad comes up in a text or category search, the information in your ad will entice a potential customer to click on the link and go to your Web site.

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Have You...?   Would You...?   Do You...?

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  • Have you been thinking about placing your business on the Internet and didn't know where to begin?

  • Do you have a Web site just hanging out there on the Internet and need a way to "target" those potential customers shopping for your products or services and then pull them into your site?

  • Would you like to "target" primarily local residents and be quickly and easily found by San Diego "shoppers?"

  • Would you like your potential customers to be able to find your business by simply searching for any word that appears in your Text Ad?

  • Are you on a directory that is not "specialized" and your information is lost among Horoscopes, Restaurants, Shopping Ads, Flashing Banners and the latest Weight Loss gimick?

  • Too Busy?? Would you like to place your business on the Web hassle-free by simply duplicating your existing brochure on a Custom Web Brochure web page? Ask about our "Brochures-Online" package.

  • Would you like to remind San Diegans 24 hours a day, every day of the month, about the services you have to offer for the same cost as a one-time tiny 2-line classified ad in the newspaper?

  • If you don't have a Web site, would you like to join in and take advantage of the most powerful and largest marketing tool ever… the World Wide Web?

  • When your potential customer is surfing the Web searching for your "Keyword"........WILL YOU BE THERE?

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Today, make one of the most important money saving advertising decisions of the year.  Increase your exposure and lower your advertising costs by joining us on one of our San Diego Business Directories.
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Join Us and...BE THERE!

San Diego BizMart   •  Super Home Center    Gateway to Beauty

Complete Information for Each Directory

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The CyberSide & Co.

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