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San Diego BizMart

Our General Business Directory designed for all San Diego businesses, products, and services.

Super Home Center

Our Home Improvement Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to the home.

Gateway to Beauty

Beauty, Health, Fitness Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to this field.

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Quality San Diego Directories for San Diego Businesses

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Hiding Your Email Address on a Web Page
so the Spam Robots Can't Read It.

Posting your email address on the Internet may increase your spam.
This is because there are "robots" out there continuously spidering web pages, just like the major search engines do. These robots are specifically looking for anything in the email format:

You may post your ad on our directory, include your email address, and notice an increase in your spam rate. This may make you think we have sold your email address. That is not the case. We absolutely NEVER sell any information you give us. Advertising revenue supports our website, not sales to mailing lists. It's the Email Bots doing it!

So... how do you post your email address and defy the robots? For a charge of $5 we can convert your email address to Java Script that CAN NOT BE READ BY THE ROBOTS!

This does not mean that a human can't "eyeball" it, write it down and use it (it can't be easily copy/pasted off the web page) or click on it right then and there and spam you. But the majority of the collection is done by the "bots." Bots read the HTML code that creates what you see on a web page. They do not read the text that you see.

If your email address is converted to Java Script, when viewing it on the web page, your email address will appear as *Email* Your email address is not simply embedded in this link. That would NOT hide it from the bots, as it would appear in the HTML code that the bots read as your actual email address. Instead, it is broken into its components and reconstructed by the Java Script when the link is clicked or if you hold your mouse over the link you will see that address appear in the browser, bottom left.

Note: Asterisks will appear around your email address, as your address in Javascript is invisible in an HTML editor. The asterisks are placed to denote that a hidden email address is there, and helps in locating it if it needs to be updated. It will appear in the HTML editor as simply
* *  ...And that's what the bots will see!

Example email address in JavaScript
(Copyright The CyberSide & Co.)

* *

Try to copy/paste this address, and all you will get is what you see.
Note: This is a 'dummy' email address, so don't try to write to it!

Ordering Spam-Blocked Email Addresses
for your Ads on our directories.

If you wish to add an email address to your ad in Java Script format to block the spam bots, simply check the "ADD EMAIL SPAM-BLOCKER TO MY LISTING" box in the "CREDIT CARD INFORMATION" area. The fee is $5 per year, and will be added to your order. (If you have duplicate listings in more than one category, the Spam Blocker will be added to all your listings). If you have ordered the 6-month trial with spam blocker, the $5 fee will be for that 6 month period only.

The CyberSide & Co.

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