Two San Diegans Create an Exciting New Presence on the Internet... Dedicated Exclusively to Local Businesses
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Press Only Contact:  Linda Allgood
The CyberSide & Company
P. O. Box 1104
Poway, CA. 92074-1104

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, December 1, 1999 - The CyberSide & Company is a San Diego based company with a unique idea in Internet Business Directories. To help mitigate the confusion that most directories present, The CyberSide & Co. specializes in  single subjects, on individual directories, and does not try to be all things to all people, and to all people everywhere. Instead, The CyberSide & Company chooses to bring the most extensive listings on a single subject, and to apply their efforts to a single area, their hometown, San Diego.

The CyberSide & Company’s TARGETED SPECIALTY DIRECTORIES are clean, straightforward, simple, and very pleasing to the eye. No confusing navigation, no outside advertising tiles or banners cluttering up or competing with a business owner's Cyber-Site. The business owner has complete control as to what appears on their Cyber-Site and the visiting consumer is not bombarded with flashy outside advertising while viewing the Cyber-Sites.

By  concentrating solely on the San Diego area, and not going nationwide, The CyberSide & Company is able to dedicate their resources more efficiently. This means lower cost to the business owner,  more complete information for the consumer, ease in navigation and a clear, concise directory that will provide Netizens with instant information in a pleasant and straightforward environment.

The CyberSide & Co. also hopes to stem the flow of "on-line dollars" leaving the San Diego area by making it fast, easy, and convenient for San Diegans to find what they are seeking right here in America's Finest City.

The CyberSide & Company is offering ...
A FREE, no-obligation, alphabetical "white pages" listing on their Targeted Specialty Directories for all businesses or services in San Diego.

All CyberSide & Co. business sites have "Search-Locator" capability, are created by graphic artist/webmasters, and will showcase their clients' business, products or services on their Specialty Directories for less than the cost of a half a cup of coffee per day! This allows all San Diego businesses an affordable opportunity to be included in the most powerful and largest marketing tool ever...
the Information Superhighway on the WORLD WIDE WEB. - The "PARENT" site provides the means for all San Diego retailers, businesses, home based businesses, services, and eateries to take a tour and preview all of the directories' professional, clear cut concepts. They can view Cyber-Site samples, check out the Cyber-Site packages offered, place their Cyber-Site order, and sign up for their FREE "white pages" listing. - This directory is strictly for the Beauty, Health and Fitness Industry, with a slant toward rejuvenation and maintaining a youthful appearance and body. On this site, a business or professional may display photos of their products or service, inform consumers in-depth about their services, and present their specialties for enhancing their potential customer’s life, looks, and well-being; all at an unheard of low, low price. - The Ultimate Home Directory! This Specialty Directory is designed for all retail stores, products, services, kiosks, and home based businesses related to the home. If you are in the field of interior decoration, home construction, remodeling, landscaping, gardening, furniture, bed & bath, home repair, home maintenance or home accessories, etc., then this directory was made for you! - A General Business Directory for sales, services and  products, professionals, home based businesses, swapmeeters, conventioneers, entrepreneurs, MLM-ers, vendors and kiosk operators based in San Diego.

The CyberSide & Companys' extremely low cost advertising, extensive search capabilities, professional design, and clear-cut concept provides a fast, easy and pleasant environment for a San Diego customer to find what they are looking for from the convenience of their home or office. At the same time it offers San Diego businesses an affordable opportunity to get the word out that...... "I AM HERE"!       # # #


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