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Our General Business Directory designed for all San Diego businesses, products, and services.

Super Home Center

Our Home Improvement Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to the home.

Gateway to Beauty

Beauty, Health, Fitness Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to this field.

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Quality San Diego Directories for San Diego Businesses

Ideas for Promoting Your Business

Marketing Tips and Ideas
for Designing and Utilizing Web Page Ads.

Now you've built your Web Page!  Why isn't the world beating a path to your door?  A Website isn't the end-all, be-all of marketing, but...

It is the most powerful and least expensive marketing tool ever created. 

        Notice I said "TOOL?"

freedm_1.gif (2069 bytes)


INFOGUY.gif (1878 bytes)
This is the information age, and everyone wants to "know more."  How do you get "more information" out to the public at a price you can afford? 

That's where your Web Page (Web Flyer, Billboard, or Web Brochure) comes in.
Now for the "tool" part.  The trick is to get the public to come to your page, right?  We take on half the battle by creating metatags (keywords) from the keywords you have designated for your site. We then submit them to the top search engines.  This is not as simple as it sounds, since everyone is competing to get the same keywords to come up first in a search.  There are "do's and don'ts" and "tricks of the trade" that we employ.  We submit the entire site in this manner to increase the chances that a "web surfer" will find you.

Thousands of San Diego visitors (your potential customers) come directly to our business directories and type in the keyword(s) for the product or service they are seeking.  If your keywords match, your Ad Page will be listed in the search results.  If you also have an Enhanced Listing containing the keyword(s), your chances of coming up are doubled.

Increasing your Web Page's Marketing Capabilities


The other half of the battle is up to you.  If you really want to increase your business, this is a must.

Upgrade your Web Page Address by purchasing a Domain Name. 
Without this upgrade, your page URL will look something like this:
Not very impressive on a business card, is it?
(Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Domain Name for your Web Page).

Now that you have upgraded to a business Web Address...plaster it everywhere you can! Put it on your business cards, brochures, flyers, your yellow pages ad, magazine ads, TV ads, anywhere and everywhere you advertise.  Even magnetic signs on your car!

WORDOUT3.gif (3247 bytes)

Surf the Internet and find every "free" place you can post your information to, referring them to your Web Address.

Post ads to free classifieds, or very inexpensive classifieds both on the Internet and in periodicals and newspapers.

An Example:
                          The Largest Selection of Lamps in San Diego!
                                  See us at

Can you see how inexpensive it now is to post an ad?  You no longer have to cram all your information into an expensive ad.  All you have to do is make a short, powerful statement and direct the reader to the rest of your information on your Web page!
bizcrd_url.gif (2480 bytes)
Can't afford color brochures?  You can now!  Create your brochure on your Web Page, and direct everyone there.  Pass out inexpensive black & white flyers and business cards with your Web Address.  Use the money you save to expand your advertising base by purchasing inexpensive classified ads.  Cut down the size and cost of ads you are already running by including your Web Address in your ad.

Trade Shows, Demonstrations in Malls, Swap Meets,
Craft Shows, and Unusual or Mobile Locations

Create a "Home Base."  A place you can send anyone to... from anywhere in the world... for your information.
  • Have a stable contact point where customers can find you no matter where you are.
  • Provide a list of your next locations.
  • Create a product list to remind your customers of all the items you carry, or services you perform.

SwapMeet.GIF (3423 bytes)

Here again you can pass out your Web Address using less expensive materials.  Never "run out of brochures."  Change information quickly and without tossing away outdated printed materials that you paid good money for.

Increasing Your Exposure with a Combination
Web Page and Enhanced Listing

SEARCH-1.gif (1760 bytes)
Naturally, the "web surfer" is looking for a particular item or a particular service in a certain city or zip code. Therefore searches are done by entering "keywords" such as: poway plumber, or san diego books. 
When the matching category page comes up, and all you have is the Free White Pages listing somewhere on the page, if they do come across you, the only thing available to view is your name, address, and phone number. 

By purchasing an Enhanced Listing, you are listed at the top of the category page, and you embed your keywords within a 20-word description of your business, product or service.  Write the description of your business in such a way that it contains your most important keywords, and also entices the visitor to click on your link to go to your Web Page or Website.

Example: Greatest selection of lamps in San Diego.
"Lamps & San Diego" = keywords.  "Greatest selection" = enticement.

Now your listing will come up in a search for "san diego lamps" and will be on TOP of the category page.  Your Enhanced Listing is linked to either your Web Page (which also contains your keywords) or to your existing Website. 

Many of our visitors scan the Category listings in place of doing a keyword search. If your listing isn't enhanced, you will not be at the top of the page (you may even be on page 4 or 6), and he or she will only see your name, address, and phone number down in the Free Listing section. Nothing there to say what you have to offer, nothing there to entice them to click on your link.  You'll really be ignored if the name of your business is Smith, Inc.  So, you can see how important it is to have an Enhanced Listing at the top of the category, whether you have a Web Page or not.

If you have a Website... Drive more traffic to your site
with an Enhanced Listing and Gateway Page

If you already have a Website, a fully text-searchable Enhanced Listing on one of our Business Directories, linked to your site, can increase the traffic to your site because it can rank much higher in the WWW search engines than your Web site!

By specializing in your area of trade, we are "targeting" your potential customers; those serious shoppers that are looking for a particular product or service in San Diego, in a particular category. Your Enhanced Listing is searchable by our on-site search engines and the WWW search engines.

If your existing Website just isn't getting the traffic, in addition to the Enhanced Listing, you might consider a Web Flyer as a Gateway Page to your Website. Highly optimized for your keywords & key phrases, and hosted on one of our popular directories, this page could turn the tide for you.

Creating an Effective Campaign

Here are some suggestions for an inexpensive, effective campaign:
  • Add an Enhanced Listing on the directory & category of your choice.
  • Duplicate the Enhanced Listing on another category on the same directory (at a reduced price) and/or duplicate the listing on San Diego BizMart if you have chosen Gateway to Beauty or Super Home Center.
  • Purchase a Web Page: Web Flyer, Billboard, or Web Brochure as your Business Website, or as a Gateway page if you have a Website.
  • Purchase a Domain Name for your Web Page.
  • Post free ads using your Domain Name on every FREE listings site you can find. (Look for "Add URL," or "Free Business Listings," etc. on directories).
  • Add a Coupon to your Web Page if you offer coupons, and be sure to keep it updated. (There is a charge for this extra service).
  • Put a magnetic sign on your car with your Web Address on it.
  • Put your Web Address on your business cards. Post your business card on neighborhood business bulleting boards.
  • Do small, inexpensive Pennysaver, Reader, and local neighborhood circular advertising, using only your Business Name, a short one-line description, and your Web Address.
  • Banner Ads & Tile Ads are also available. If you have a Website, or Web Page, an Enhanced Listing & Banner Ad at the top of your chosen category is extremely effective. 

Note: Banner & Tile Ads are fairly useless when they don't appear in a category the visitor is interested in--such as a flashing Travel Banner on a Dentist's Website. When they are in the category area of interest, they are dynamite!

Good Luck and Good Business!

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