Affordable San Diego Internet Advertising on three quality San Diego Directories by The CyberSide & Co.

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Affordable Internet Advertising for San Diego Businesses

San Diego Affordable Internet Advertising & Promotion

Our San Diego
Business Directories:

San Diego BizMart

Our General Business Directory designed for all San Diego businesses, products, and services.

Super Home Center

Our Home Improvement Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to the home.

Gateway to Beauty

Beauty, Health, Fitness Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to this field.

Internet Advertising and Promotion for
San Diego Businesses

Quality San Diego Directories for San Diego Businesses

Tips & Tools Index: Marketing & Advertising Tips

Creating Enhanced Listings (classified ads) and
Web Ad Pages: Building Textboxes


A general tutorial on how to create advertising material for your textboxes, how to incorporate your keywords within lists or within descriptions. Many samples are presented.  Tips on choosing photos or graphics for your Web Page, and other enhancements.

Marketing Tips and Ideas
for Designing and Utilizing Web Ad Pages


Tips and marketing methods for promoting your business using Web Pages combined with traditional advertising to get the most for your advertising dollar.

Tips & Tools Index    Building Web Ad Pages    Marketing Tips

For Information, samples, & sign-up, visit the individual directories:
San Diego BizMart    Super Home Center    Gateway to Beauty
Rates & Details               Rates & Details              Rates & Details

The same packages are available for non-San Diego
U.S. Businesses on Cyberside 2000

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