Affordable San Diego Internet Advertising on three quality San Diego Directories by The CyberSide & Co.

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Affordable Internet Advertising for San Diego Businesses

San Diego Affordable Internet Advertising & Promotion

Our San Diego
Business Directories:

San Diego BizMart

Our General Business Directory designed for all San Diego businesses, products, and services.

Super Home Center

Our Home Improvement Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to the home.

Gateway to Beauty

Beauty, Health, Fitness Directory designed for all San Diego businesses related to this field.

Internet Advertising and Promotion for
San Diego Businesses

Affordable Internet Advertising for San Diego Businesses

THE TOUR : Choosing Your Directory & Important Information

AN OVERVIEW... Important Information on Ads and Web Pages

Businesses that subscribe to an Enhanced Listing, Billboard, Web Flyer, or Web Brochure, will have ads that are searchable by Name, Address, City, Zip Code, Location/Service Area, category, and by any text that appears in the Enhanced Listing or Web Page such as product name, brand name, type of service, list of services, specialties, etc.

Move to the top or your category and increase the chances of your business coming up during a search by purchasing an Enhanced Listing. This is an inexpensive way of providing "keywords" for the search engines to scan, and adds a "live link" to your website if you have one. Providing a potential customer with descriptive information about your business is a must!!!

If you do NOT have a Web site, it is imperative to have at least some additional information about your business beyond your contact information if you expect to nab some customers off the 'Net. Our Billboard Web Page will give you a place to post your most important information and a bulleted list of the services or products you offer for only $25 per year. You can also link to this page from anywhere else you advertise on the Internet.

If you have a Web site, a fully text-searchable listing on one of our Business Directories, linked to your site, can act as signpost to your business on the Internet. By specializing in your area of trade, we are "targeting" your potential customers; those serious shoppers that are  looking for a particular product or service in San Diego, in a particular category. Your Text Ads and/or Web Page Ads are searchable by our on-site search engines and the WWW search engines.

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Quality San Diego Directories for San Diego Businesses


San Diego BizMart
A General Business Directory for San Diego
Any business based in San Diego can advertise on the San Diego BizMart Directory. This is a popular general business directory for San Diego, with categories ranging from art galleries to wedding vendors.

This directory also includes most of the categories found on Super Home Center and Gateway to Beauty, so no important categories are left out.

San Diego BizMart offers affordable advertising packages as well as Web Brochures and Web Page Advertising for the business without a Website. Directory Details

Visit the directory:
Samples of the San Diego BizMart Advertising Packages
can be accessed on the site at Join Us or Rates.

Super Home Center
San Diego Home Improvement, Home Maintenance & Repair, Yard & Garden
The Ultimate Home Directory!  Super Home Center is a San Diego Business Directory designed for all businesses in San Diego with products or services related to the home.

If your product or service is related to Home Improvement, Home Repair & Maintenance, Furniture & Accessories, the Yard & Garden, or related to the home or garden in any way, then Super Home Center was made for you!

Affordable advertising packages, Enhanced Listings and Web Page advertising is available on Super Home Center. Directory Details

Visit the directory:
Samples of the Super Home Center Advertising Packages
can be accessed on the site at Join Us or Rates.

Gateway to Beauty
San Diego Beauty, Health, Fitness, Products, Services, Professionals
All Beauty Health Fitness Categories can be found on

Samples of our Advertising Packages can be
accessed on at
Join Us or Rates.

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